Just as various weapons that can kill a werewolf must contain silver, every manuscript (or piece of writing) requires some form of editing. Dove’s Quill’s offers three types of editing services.

Proofreading catches those little pesky errors in a manuscript such as appropriate wording (there or their or they’re), spelling (hicup or hiccup), and punctuation (“No.” He said, “No,” he said).

Cost: $0.01 per word

Editorial Proofreading looks into each sentence for wordiness, numbering consistency, capitalization use, and logic of the story and events. Checking with the author for clarification, catching clichés, and making minor changes (correcting incorrect spelling and grammar as well as tweaking awkward phrasing but keeping the author’s voice) can be involved.*

Cost: $0.02 per word

Substantive Editing concerns itself with the over use of certain words, repetitiveness, ordering of events, suggest changes in story mechanics, repetitiveness, and check for everything listed in Proofreading and Editorial Proofreading.*

Cost: $0.03 per word

Each story needs something unique. Examine your work and consider what would work best for it.


* All work is done using Track Changes in Microsoft Word and thus can be accepted or rejected per the author’s choice. This is your work and you have the final say.

** For all services, there is a minimum fee of $25.