Dove’s Quill

Great stories are almost like magic carpets: they take you into another world, entertain with wonder and adventure before returning you to the real world with memories and lessons learned.

But all stories can have problems. Commonly they are:

• Bad grammar or punctuation
• Unbelievable events or situations
• Inconsistent voice, tone, or point of view

Dove’s Quill Editing was founded with the desire to help authors make their stories the best they can be through one of three types of services: proofreading, editorial proofreading, and substantive editing.

Every story needs fresh eyes and a critical mind to make it shine. We aim to be a helping hand for the author in polishing their story while also remaining objective and critical so problems might be addressed.

Dove’s Quill loves stories in their many forms. Some of the types of writing that are serviced are:

• Christian
• Speculative
• YA
• Middle Grade
• Teen
• Anthologies

• Film
• Drama
• Comic

Shorter Forms
• Short Stories
• Novellas
• Poetry

To learn more about our services, including rates and descriptions, click HERE. Please contact us with any inquires or questions you might have.